We utilize platforms to make most of our resources.
What We Provide:

  • Service/application platform(s) that have outcome-driven processes and guide our users during the process
  • Specific external platforms as applications for business-driven process development
  • Platforms that function as technological enablers:
    • Modular and integrable platform blocks for building value add-ons
    • Low-configuration infrastructure enablers (such as cloud computing)
    • Data & interoperability platforms for integration, data, analytics and IoT
We Make This Happen by:

  • Establishing a robust design team for doing platform and process design
  • Digi process factory, that digitizes various cross-functional processes to our service platform
  • Continuously refining and planning our platform-enabled development model
  • Align and embed our processes on top of the platforms
  • Harmonize research, innovation ecosystem and teaching processes
  • Enhance resource management and financial management processes
  • Participating into Digivisio 2030

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