Digital Workplace

Digital workplace gathers people online

Digital workplace is all about the people’s ability to do their job by collaborating, communicating and connecting with others independent of their physical location.
icon of digital workspace, four persons connected with dotted line inside a cloud
What We Provide:

  • Secure digital workplace from the workstation to the cloud
  • Device and application tool sets defined for hybrid way of working and learning
  • Clear communication and collaboration highways ja sideways
  • Collective online support and online communities
We Make This Happen by:

  • Building virtual and remote desktop infra and selection of cloud tools
  • Balancing between a few key collaboration ecosystems and freedom of choice
  • Designing for secure use of one’s own devices and applications
  • Introducing newcomers packages for hybrid way of Aalto
  • Managing life-cycles of devices and applications
  • Exploring new ways of working together and building sense of togetherness

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