High End AV Platform for Aalto Community

Workplace AV Solutions offer technical infrastructure and platform solutions for the needs of Aalto Community and Partners. The main goal is to enable Aalto strategy aligned high-end provisioning of AV for teaching and studying environments and common spaces.


Video projector, video cable, loudspeaker, sound waves
What We Provide:

  • A complete solution for presentations & video streams
  • Unified, friendly, easy user experience
  • One-touch interface for presenting
We Make This Happen by:

  • Design a new Aalto AV concept and implement it across Aalto campus
  • Build remote management and life cycle management capability for AV systems
  • Make use of AV Over IP with modern network infra
  • Improving service quality & continuity & service hours together with a partnership network

Aalto service owner: AV Expert Services

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  1. It is of utmost importance to provide quick support and fix malfunctioning AV equipment in a timely manner! And whenever a proper fix cannot be provided in a matter of 10 minutes, a sufficient temporary solution has do be provided until the proper repair has been carried out.

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