Flexible access to all your data

Information lives in the very core of a university. We have the solutions for transparent data management to support research and teaching.
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What We Provide:

  • Cloud style access to all your data: store, read, process, share
  • Hybrid: fast local storage for hot data, flexible cloud space for cold data
  • Transparent to the user: the system handles hot and cold data automatically
  • Security: we provide the tools to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data

We Make This Happen by:

  • Building interfaces to access data
  • Public cloud access with Aalto user account: Done
  • Expanding our on-campus fast flash storage with automatic tiering functionality: Done
  • Implementing S3 object storage interface for data
  • Developing new ways and tools to access data both in cloud and on the campus, such as VDI
  • Implementing a high quality disaster recovery & backup solution: Done

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Comments 1

  1. cloud style access: onedriven monipuolisempi käyttö, S3 Azure Aalto-tunnuksella

    cloud desktop? win/mac/linux, data is accessible with Azure AD

    Security: Microsoft A5 licensing

    Developing new ways and tools(…): VDI, S3, Onedrive

    Implementing S3: Local S3, Cloud S3

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