End User Devices

All your tools, everywhere you need them.



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What We Provide:

  • Files are available from everywhere and from any device​
  • Migrating to a new device is easy and painless​
  • Faster logon to devices and services
  • Everything can be done using a users’ own devices (laptop/mobile)​

We Make This Happen by:

  • Users’ files are synced to/via the cloud​
  • New devices come pre-configured with Aalto settings and are delivered directly to the end-user
  • Passwordless logon​ using biometrics and multi-factor authentication
  • Users’ password never expire​
  • Single-sign-on to on-prem and cloud services
  • Invest to VDI/cloud so that even the heaviest workloads can be handled​

Aalto service owner: IT Procurement

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